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Dnů, kdy si na něho nevzpomenu vůbec, je tak málo. A přitom čas letí a letí...
...with M. JACKSON...with M. JACKSON
25.06.2012 21:52:0025.06.2012 21:52:00


 In Our Darkest Hour
 In My Deepest Despair
 Will You Still Care?
 Will You Be There?
 In My Trials
 And My Tribulations
 Through Our Doubts
 And Frustrations
 In My Violence
 In My Turbulence
 Through My Fear
 And My Confessions
 In My Anguish And My Pain
 Through My Joy And My Sorrow
 In The Promise Of Another Tomorrow
 I'll Never Let You Part
 ... For You're Always In My Heart.
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